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IR Global Rankings’ Privacy Policy was created to reaffirm IR Global Rankings’ commitment to the safety and privacy of information collected from the users of IR Global Rankings’ interactive services. You may visit this website and get acquainted with the services IR Global Rankings offers, read reports, obtain news and information without having to provide any personal information. However, should such be the case, this policy purposes to clarify how IR Global Rankings collects and handles your personal data. Since this policy is subject to occasional updating, IR Global Rankings advise it be regularly consulted.

1. Any information provided by the users shall be collected and stored according to strict security and reliability patterns.

2. Personal data provided by the users shall be collected through ethical and legal means. Such collection may have one or more targets about which users shall be informed.

3. Users shall be advised that their data is being collected and they may choose whether they want to provide it or not, they will be further advised about the consequences of their decision.

4. Unless a legal or judicial order is issued, information provided by users shall never be disclosed to third parties or used for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

5. By registering to participate in the IR Global Rankings (IRGR), the Company authorizes the IR Global Rankings to make use of its logo, ticker, IR team contact information as well as the print screen of its website for the purpose of promoting the IRGR and the participation of the Company in the process.

6. Access to collected information will be restricted to employees authorized to adequately use such data. Employees that unduly use such information, infringing IR Global Rankings’ Privacy Policy, shall be subject to the penalties provided by its discipline procedure.

7. IR Global Rankings shall maintain the integrity of the information provided through this website.

8. This website contains links or frames for other sites (such as PayPal), which may or may not be IR Global Rankings partners and allies. These links and frames are available merely in the hopes of providing yet another benefit to the users of this website. Note that including these links and frames does not mean that IR Global Rankings have full knowledge, agreement, or responsibility for those frames and links or for their respective content. Therefore, IR Global Rankings can not be held responsible for any type of damage caused by the use of the referred links and frames.

9. IR Global Rankings require any third parties hired to perform support services to adhere to their privacy standards.

10. If it is necessary, the IR Global Rankings may use cookies(*) to confirm your ID, personalize your access and to check the use of IR Global Rankings’ website aiming at improving its navigating and functioning conditions.

11. Other important information on the terms and conditions of use of this site is available on Terms and Conditions.

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