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1) How can I register for the 2013 IR Global Rankings?

To register, all you need to do is fill out the registration form which will be available on the IR Global Rankings website during the registration period, between April 8th and July 12th. For further information, download our 2013 info pack.

2) What are the differences between the free and paid rankings for the 2013 edition?

The difference between the free and paid ranking is that the free ranking does not include the feedback report with our insights/suggestions for your company’s specific results. By choosing the free ranking, you will only know your final score and overall ranking position. Moreover, there is one new award for 2013: BEST CFO/IRO! To be eligible for this award, companies must register for Package 2. To know what is included in each ranking, please refer to the table below:

Rankings Price (US$)
IR Website Eligible for Ranking Only Free
IR Website Ranking + Feedback Report + Call $400
Online Annual Report Ranking + Feedback Report + Call $200
Financial Disclosure Procedures Ranking + Feedback Report + Call $500
Corporate Governance Ranking + Feedback Report + Call $900
Packages Price (US$)
Package 01 (IR Website + Online Annual Report + Financial Disclosure) Ranking + Feedback Report + Call $950
Package 02 (IR Website + Online Annual Report + Financial Disclosure + Corporate Governance) Ranking + Feedback Report + Call $1,600
3) Is the Benchmark study included in Packages 01 or 02 or is it an additional cost?

This year, for companies registered in Package 2, there will be no cost for benchmark study.

4) How do I qualify for a 10% discount?

All companies that participated in any of the past editions of the IR Global Rankings since 2005 are automatically entitled to a 10% discount on all ranking options.

5) Besides registering for the ranking, what else is the IR team/company responsible for?

If your company selects the IR website, Online Annual Report and/or Financial Disclosure rankings, all you need to do is register so that IRGR receives your approval for the reviews. If your company selects to also participate in the Corporate Governance ranking, your team will be requested to fill out a specific corporate governance questionnaire that will be sent.

6) Do you have any other questions? Please let us know!

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