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Registration Period for all companies from all regions has begun

IR Global Rankings ("IRGR"), the most comprehensive technical ranking system for Investor Relations Websites, Online Annual Report, Corporate Governance Practices and Financial Disclosure Procedures, is pleased to announce that the registration period for all companies from all regions opened on April 8th, 2013, and will last until July 12th, 2013.

This year there will be one, unique registration period for all companies from all regions and one spectacular award ceremony to celebrate all of our global winners!

We are also pleased to announce a new award for 2013! Top CFO/IRO!! To be eligible for this award, companies must register for Package 2 (IR Website, Online Annual Report, Financial Disclosure Procedures and Corporate Governance).

Don‘t miss out! In order to participate, companies have to register at


1) Unique Ranking System: IRGR is the sole investor relations ranking system based on technical reviews (not opinion surveys or polls) and is supported by the input of audit and legal experts. IRGR is a unique way to have an external review and positioning of your investor relations and financial communications efforts among best practices among leading companies worldwide.

2) Individual Feedback: Participants that choose to acquire the individual feedback report will receive detailed suggestions for improvements where applicable. This report can be later discussed in a private conference call with the IRGR staff, upon request by the participating company.

3) Solid Benchmarking: By registering for IRGR, your company will be ranked among companies worldwide in all industries. Our extensive client base allows us to identify, rank and disclose the best IR communication programs in the world. Only positive examples are publicly disclosed.

4) High Transparency: Evaluation criteria and results are available on the IRGR website. IRGR analysts are responsible for performing a thorough analysis and an independent technical committee will review them in their entirety.

5) Great Recognition: Best ranked companies will be recognized at a spectacular Award Ceremony at the end of November. IRGR widely discloses top ranked companies through global media wires done by PRNewswire - the largest news distributor in the world. Best cases will also be highlighted in the IR Global Rankings magazine that is freely distributed in the capital markets community.

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We look forward to seeing you in 2013!

Yours Sincerely,

IR Global Rankings Team
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About IR Global Rankings: Solid communication with the investment community is a key priority for investor relations and corporate governance professionals, once value creation (stock prices) and risk perception can be managed. The implementation of best practices in communicating with the capital markets and fair disclosure procedures do help companies in earning and maintaining investor confidence. The annual IR Global Rankings and Awards survey is the most comprehensive auditing and ranking system for IR websites, Corporate Governance Practices, Online Annual Reports and Financial Disclosure Procedures - a great opportunity to benchmark IR efforts vis--vis peers and industry leaders. Based on extensive proprietary research of publicly held companies and investors, and supported by input from independent audit, corporate governance and legal experts, IR Global Rankings methodology is highly detailed, transparent and fully accessible to all participants. The annual IR Global Rankings and Awards have grown each year since 1999.

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