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Event focuses on the need for greater corporate transparency in order to ensure credibility with shareholders

The "Corporate Governance: Opportunities and Challenges" symposium , held today in São Paulo, was attended by more than 100 guests, including IR and Corporate Governance executives

São Paulo, May 23, 2013 - The "Corporate Governance: Opportunities and Challenges" symposium was held today in São Paulo, organized by MZ Group, the world’s leading investor relations service and consulting firm, in association with LEAD, Machado Meyer Advogados and BoardVantage (California, USA). More than 100 people, including IR and Corporate Governance executives, attended the event which provided a panorama of Corporate Governance Secretary practices in Brazil and worldwide.

The event was led by Rodrigo Alves, CEO of LEAD and MZ Group in Latin America, with the participation of several renowned market professionals, including Michelle Landy, Legal Officer of Vivo, Adriana Pallis Romano, a Partner in the law firm Machado Meyer Advogados, Douglas de Almeida, Corporate Governance Manager at GRU Airport, Gisélia Silva, Corporate Governance Manager at CPFL Energia, Sandra Guerra, Founding Partner of Better Governance and Geraldo Colonhezi Jr, Partner and Managing Director of LEAD.

Michelle Landy began by presenting an overview of Corporate Governance Secretaries in Brazil, during which she talked about the political and economic background to their implementation in the country and emphasized their importance as guardians of good practices at the various related forums and in the day-to-day monitoring of corporate governance procedures.

Adriana Romano, Douglas de Almeida and Gisélia Silva, participants in the panel "Case Studies in the structuring of Corporate Governance Secretaries", compared the implantation of Corporate Governance Secretaries internationally and in Brazil. They pointed out that, although we are still in the initial phase of the process here, CVM Instructions 480 and 481 had resulted in a substantial improvement in the quality of information provided in Shareholders’ Meetings, underlining companies’ greater adherence to good corporate governance practices.

When the panel had finished its discussion, Rodrigo Alves added that "the implementation of Governance Secretaries was still evolving. There are still only a few companies in Brazil with a structured Corporate Governance area, although more and more are moving in this direction, exemplified by Vivo, GRU Airport and CPFL Energia."

In the second part of the event, Geraldo Colonhezi presented the best corporate governance practices throughout the world, with a special emphasis on the Indian company, Infosys Limited. He also highlighted the increasing tendency for investors to evaluate the performance of corporate governance committee members and the increasing willingness of companies to implement corporate governance committees focusing on sustainability practices.

Finally, Sandra Guerra talked about investors’ increasing tendency to seek greater interaction with their investees, not only with the IR area, in order to develop a deeper understanding of their sustainability strategies and initiatives and are therefore seeking closer contact with the companies’ decision-taking center: their Boards of Directors. Sandra sees a great opportunity for corporate governance professionals to act as a liaison in this process.

The event finished with a discussion among the speakers and the audience.

The event was sponsored by Capital Aberto magazine, IR Global Rankings, Assembleias Online, B.I. International, IBGC, and the and Bússola do Investidor portals.

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