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Website redesign as a tool to reinvent the company
By Marcele Magalh„es - MZ Group‘s partner

Companies are constantly undergoing changes, reflected in technology, and having an updated website is the best way to show they are in tune with technological innovations. In this light, Investor Relations departments should pay special attention to this channel which features a page dedicated to the disclosure of financial and market information to their target public: analysts and investors.

IR websites have a different layout and a vast amount of information. The main challenge of IROs is to publish content in a practical and modern fashion. Redesigning websites is therefore essential in allowing companies to be aligned with market trends and it is natural that IROs ask when this change is necessary.

The process involves a change in the layout and functional characteristics to increase efficiency and improve user experience and design, layout and navigability standards, and it becomes necessary when the website is obsolete and outdated, or because the company did not keep up with the pace of changes and new Internet technologies.

In this context, it is necessary to identify best market practices, for which a benchmark study is the best option, since it allows the development of a project with excellence.

But which characteristics should a new and modern website feature? Below are some points that could be taken into account:

  • Providing full content;
  • Organizing and presenting information adequately;
  • Using technology properly;
  • Offering a user-friendly, practical and intuitive website;
  • Constantly updating the website.

Website redesigning can be used by IROs as a tool to reinvent the company. The introduction of new concepts and market information, as well as the identification of sections that require improvement are also points to be considered. The combination of this learning experience, market innovations and analysis of the websites of other companies will result in a website that is complete and a benchmark.

The redesigning process is efficient when IROs combine innovation with the company’s objectives, without forgetting design, content, navigability and interactivity characteristics.

Marcele Magalh„es
MZ Group‘s partner
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