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IR Global Rankings launches IRGR Magazine App for propagation of IR best practices

The best of Investor Relations to you wherever you are. The application is already available for download at App Store and Android Market/Google: just type "IRGR Magazine"

São Paulo, June 10, 2013 - The IR Global Rankings ("IRGR"), the ranking system for Investor Relations website, online annual reports, best corporate governance practices and financial disclosure procedures, hereby announces the launch of the new IRGR Magazine 2013 application for the mobile platform. The magazine, which is focused on IR, finance and capital markets publics, can now be accessed online anywhere and at any time. The application is already available for download at App Store and Android Market/Google: just type "IRGR Magazine."

The IRGR Magazine is an annual innovative publication. Its 2013 edition was reformulated for better understanding and disclosure of news on awards, innovation and trends, Investor Relations strategy, financial information disclosure, corporate governance, online annual reports and website structuring.

"Creating the application is part of our innovation expertise in the Investor Relations market. In general, we developed pioneering experiences in this sector to facilitate the spread of high quality information through such kind of platform," says Paulo Barroso, Head of IRGR.

Through the application, you can access published reports on domestic and foreign IR market, in addition to case studies and interviews made by consultants from capital markets companies who developed articles, researches and analyses on annual reports, the world’s best IR websites and the best IR practices in each of the categories evaluated. Carolina Bianchi, Coordinator of IR Global Rankings, complements saying that "creating services for digital platforms is part of Ranking’s new business reality. With the broadband expansion, the consumption of digital content, videos and images had a great boost. From now on, we are prioritizing the strategy of inserting our results in the right media and in the right moment."

About IR Global Rankings: efficient communication with the investment community is a key priority for investor relations and corporate governance professionals, once value creation (stock prices) and risk perception can be managed. The implementation of best practices in communicating with the capital markets and fair disclosure procedures do help companies in earning and maintaining investor confidence. The annual IR Global Rankings and Awards survey is the most comprehensive auditing and ranking system for IR websites, Corporate Governance Practices, Online Annual Reports and Financial Disclosure Procedures - a great opportunity to benchmark IR efforts vis-à-vis peers and industry leaders. Based on extensive proprietary research of publicly held companies and investors, and supported by input from independent audit and legal experts, IR Global Rankings methodology is highly detailed, transparent and fully accessible to all participants. The annual IR Global Rankings and Awards have grown each year since 1999.

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